Quarter 2 Quickwrites:
  1. Family: Write for two minutes about one thing you do because of your family.

Quarter 1 Quickwrites:
  1. Success: Write or draw picture about a time when you were successful.
  2. Sentence Types: What are the four sentence types? Give an example of each.
  3. September 11: On September 11, Americans came together to help one another through a national crisis. Tell me about a time that you know of when people (e.g., family, friends, school, community) have come together to help one another. Sentence starter: One time I know of when people helped one another was when...
  4. Identity Web: In your notebook, make a web to show the different parts of your identity.
  5. Jin and Wei Chun: Who is Wei Chun? How does Jin feel about him and why? What do you predict about their relationship?
  6. Theme: What theme do you see in all three storylines in American Born Chinese? Give an example from each story.