To enhance your exploration of the decade, you will be responsible for choosing a topic from the 60's and creating a Voice Thread about it to build our Cultural Encyclopedia. Our Cultural Encyclopedia will be a collection of student-created resources about different topics from the decade. We will be able to refer to this resource throughout the unit as we come across new and unfamiliar historical topics, particularly as we read our whole-class text, The Watsons Go to Birmingham.

You will be responsible for creating a Voice Thread about your topic that includes 4-5 images as well as your recorded explanation of the topic. The following are our topics:
1.Victor – Motown
2.Celyan – Hippies
3.Alessandro – Segregation (Civil Rights)
4.Amina – Freedom Riders
5.EunSeo – Communism (Vietnam War)
6.Cecile – Neil Armstrong
7.Michelle – Vietnam War
8.Ricky - 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing
9.Jamal – The Beatles
10.Giovanni – Civil Rights
11.Thao – Protest (Vietnam War)
12.Noor – Montgomery Bus Boycott (Civil Rights)
13.Renad– Rosa Parks


Each of you will gather information and 4-5 pictures about their subject, identify significant names and events connected with the subject area, and create a list of different points of view and opinions. Then create a short Power Point presentation with those 4-5 pictures; you will upload this to Voice Thread and will record your explanation of the topic there.


To publish your Voice Thread, follow these directions:
  1. Open Microsoft Power Point.
  2. On the first slide, type the name of your topic, e.g., "The Beatles," and your name.
  3. Copy and paste your 4-5 images into your Power Point presentation. You should have one picture per slide. Edit the size of each picture so it fills up as much of the slide as possible
  4. Go to "File" and click "Save As."
  5. Type "Cultural Encyclopedia by Your Name" and choose JPEG as the file type.
  6. Click ok to allow multiple slides to be saved.
  7. Go to Voice Thread ( and create an account using your school email address and password. You may have to check your school email to confirm the creation of your account.
  8. Click "Create."
  9. Choose "Upload" from "My Computer," and choose the file that has the JPEGS for your memoir.
  10. Use "Comment" to do the voice over and click "Record" to between.
  11. Change the title to your name.
  12. Once you have finished your Voice Thread, click "Share, click "Embed," and copy the funny looking HTML code.
  13. Go to the class wiki and the "Cultural Encyclopedia" wiki page and click "Edit."
  14. Click "Widget" and click "Other HTML."
  15. Paste the HTML code and click "Save" to save the Widget.
  16. Click "Save" to save your change to the page.