I m from a snowboard falling down the mountain.
From electronic and pasta ,sushi,sports.
I m from luxury
From a huge flower
It look beautiful as currency
I m from a flower pretty as the paradise
From a basketball big as the sun
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external image snowboarding.png

The flower is big,pink,and smell good as parfum
I m from the TV and the food
From Valerie and jean-charles
And lola
I am from a beautiful smile and laugh

From pyjama and addidas
Im from god that create me
From a cold church
From pasta and sushi
From the heart of my mom
From my cool dad
And family
Im from the estomac of my mom


When my mom was going to have my sister i was really excited.

9 months later when my mom was going to give birth to my sister i said ''ya dad i'm going to have a sister im going to play soccer and rides bikes with her''.
then my dad and i went buy a some plush for my sister ,when we came back '' lola'' my sister was born. i looked at her in a creepy way and i said ''is that my little sister, she's so small and she can't talk or walk or anything she can only cry and yell'' and i said again ''let's go dady i don't need a little sister.'' then i said that sentence evrybody start laught and i didn't understand anything and by that moment my dad and i went back home.

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