"where i'm from"

tarte aux pommes.png

I am from the apple tarts

I am from lazanias and lion chocolate & caramel cereals

I am from my awsome and super big garden

It looked like the amazone

I am from the apple tree

from the plants of my mom looking like a jungle in the kitchen

I am from the prays before bed and the joy of every one from my dad,my mom & every one else

I am from the countryside and the forest dark &tough

I am from say hi and be polite

I am from masses the sunday, beautiful but really long

I am from easter days with chocolate eggs

I am from the sardines and the bread

I am from the finger of my dad cut in two when he was working in the old barn

I am from the album in the family shelf of the family room

I am from my brothers and sisters, the country named France and a home that was used for horses