How to Survive at Berkshire Middle School

Your Mission:

For your first group assignment, you will be working together as a whole class to create a how-to guide for how to survive at Berkshire Middle School.
  1. Think about when you first started school in the United States—or when you first started at Berkshire. Pick a topic related to surviving at school that you are interested in teaching others about.
  2. Create a list of steps for your how-to topic. You will be developing this over several days through brainstorming and prewriting.
  3. Create a visual to support your how-to procedure. This could be a wiki page, poster, video, or podcast. Video and podcast demonstrations can be recorded in class.

Your writing will be evaluated for two traits: ORGANIZATION AND WORD CHOICE. For a how-to procedure, you must use commands for your steps and your steps must be organized in a way that makes sense to your reader. Be sure to include rich adjectives and adverbs to make your steps clear.

Each student in the class will be responsible for one topic related to surviving middle school. All of the topics will be combined into one ULTIMATE BERKSHIRE MIDDLE SCHOOL SURVIVAL GUIDE, which will be made available to others on our class Web site and shared with students in ESL A.

Table of Contents:

  1. To share your topic, you must first be logged in.
  2. Once you are logged in, click, "Edit" at the top of the page.
  3. Next to your name, type the title of your topic (for example, "How to Open Your Locker") and click "Save."
  4. Then, click on your name to open your page.
  5. Once you open your page, click, "Edit," to make changes.
  6. Be sure to click, "Save" when you are finished.

ESL C - 1st Hour
Oriol C. - How To Buy Lunch In The cafeteria
Farah E. - How to Get to Class on Time
Emma G. - How to Talk to Your Teachers
Lorenzo R. - How to Organize Your Locker
Maelle R. - How to Use and Organize Your Planner
Camille V. - How to Be Responsible

ESL B - 2nd Hour
Celyan B. - How to Ask the Teacher a Question
Alessandro D. - How to Be On Time for Class
Alena E./Eun seo - How to Move in the Hallway
Amina E./Olivia S. - How to Get Ready for School
Helena F. - How to Ask Your Teacher for Help
Cecile F. - How to Open Your Lock
Ricky K. - How to Open Your Locker
Giovanni S. - How to Open a Lock
Richard T. - How to Log On to Your Computer
Renad Z. - How to Pack Your Lunch
Noor Z. - How To Open Your Locker