“Where I’m from poem”

I am from my basement
From cinnamon toast crush and rice

I am from the couch in my basement cozy like a cloud

It looks like a cinema

I am from the leaves in my back yard

The trees that are so high they can touch the sky

I’m from the weekend dinner and weird crazy conversation

From mom and dad and carina bff

I’m from the gym and zumba that we go every week

From not lying and being responsible

I’m from Mohamed

We fast during Ramadan

I’m from Egypt

I’m from pasta and mash potato

From the story’s my dad always tell me about his journey

The story’s about me being the best quit baby in our family in an album

I’m from the country I will never forget

I’m evil


best sleepover ever

I'm waiting for the doorbell to ring. I am finally going to see my best friend. I did not see her for about one year. ''Ding'' it's her. I opened the door and hugged her really hard. I kept talking to her non-stop telling her about Michigan and school and asked her a lot of questions about my old school and old friends. Then we kind of got bored so we decided to ask my mom if we can jump in my pool. She said no so we begged her until she said yes. We jumped in our swimsuits and ran to my pool. We were planning to jump in, but we did not because the water was freezing cold. And guess what? Carina pushed me into the water. We played and played and played until our food came. We went upstairs to eat, then it was night. Nothing kept us away from going to my pool again. We played in the pool for about one hour, then we were tired so we went upstairs and got dressed. Carina thought that she was going home but my mom asked her mom if she could stay overnight, and her mom said yes. I was so, so, so excited! She borrowed some clothes from me and then we played for hours and hours, then went to bed.

The next day we woke up, and of course ate breakfast. We had nothing to do so we went to my pool again.

We did the same thing as yesterday. carina thought she was going home but my mom told her mom that she will drop her off tomorrow . the next day it was really hard saying goodbye but I had to. I will never ever forget about this sleep over or my best friend ever. :)


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