E.S.L. Memoir

In 2005, I was 5 years old, I had to leave Germany . I was sad I had to leave my neighbors and my house. I didn’t like preschool so much but I was steel sad.

I had to leave Germany to go in Italy. That day, the packing company came to take everything and bring it in Italy. My house was almost empty. The only thing I could see were the the white walls covered of huge and brown boxes.
After all that we got into the car and started our trip to Italy from Germany. After about twelve hours, we finally arrived in Italy. I started pre-school and made new friends.

E.S.L. Poem
I am from my blue bike,
from lasagna and kraves.
I am from my living room
like a basketballt yard.
I am from the leaves,
the tree,
tall, dirty and big
I am from the italians and artists,
from Andrea, Antonella and Alan.
I'm from the big breakfast to the little lunch,
from "not break anything" and "don't be shy".
I am from christianity,
from God
From my grandparents' dog that died,
from my nice aunt,
From a big, old and lost album.
I am from me my self and I.

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